The Statue of Liberty Nebula

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Obj Type
Date Taken:
NGC 3576
CTIO, Chile

NGC 3576 was imaged last year as a narrowband in the Hubble palette, and can be found here:

This was done with the FSQ and STL11K, with an image scale of 3.5"/pixel.

We now present a cropped version of the same object, obtained with the 16" RCOS and Apogee U9, at an image scale of 0.41"/pixel.  We used 10 hours of Ha data as a luminance layer on top of the older FSQ data.  The image still holds up, despite the dramatic difference in scale.

Furthermore, I cannot find any "common name" for NGC 3576, and ever since imaging this object last year, I have been stunned by the resemblance of the nebulous object in the center to the Statue of Liberty.  I therefore propose that NGC 3576 shall henceforth and forever be known as the Statue of Liberty Nebula!



Technical Details
Exposure Time:
Ha 10 hrs superimposed on older FSQ SII-Ha-OIII image
Apogee U9
RCOS Carbon Truss 16 inch f/11.3 Ritchey-Chretien
Software Bisque Paramount ME
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