IC2574 - Coddington's Nebula

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Date Taken:
IC 2574
Mayhill, NM

This is a dwarf spiral galaxy that is part of the M81 group of galaxies.  The bright lobes near the edges of this galaxy are locations of star burst activity in the interstellar medium around and in this galaxy.  The most active star forming areas are associated with the Ha regions on the right.  Since this galaxy is part of the M81 group, it is located around 12 million light years away.

This image is an HaLRGB image taken with the times indicated above.  What with weather conditions in New Mexico, I took data for this image over several months and didn't get as much lum data as I would have liked to.  I also took much of this data with lower elevations than I would have liked and this showed up in the FWHM's of the image.  Its also a pretty dim guy.  The image may also be able to be improved using more current calibration data but I'm going to put it to bed for now.

Technical Details
Exposure Time:
3 hrs L/2.5 hrs Ha/2 hrs each RGB
RCOS 16 inch f/8.7 Ritchey-Chretien
Software Bisque Paramount ME
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