NGC 2467 in Puppis

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NGC 2467
CTIO, Chile

Here's a rendition of NGC 2467 in Puppis that includes L, R, G, B data as well as Ha, SII, and OIII data. All subexposures were 30 minutes.

The image was first processed as an LRGB, with Ha added to the Red channel and OIII added to the blue channel.

Then a separate SII-Ha-OIII version was created, with RGB stars overlayed.

I experimented with various ways to combine the two. I opted for a rendition that accentuated the Hubble palette narrowband towards the core, but was more heavily weighted towards the broadband component in the periphery.

Here's a widefield LRGB version from SSRO member Mark Hanson with additional information about this colorful region.

Here's an older (2011) SSRO version with just Ha (red) and OIII (blue), processed as a modifed bicolor -- the green channel was synthesized from the other 2 in Photoshop.

Here's the view through an 8 meter scope you may have heard of -- Gemini South -- back in 2005 (I think ours hold up pretty well, no?) Gemini South, as the crow flies, is only a few miles from CTIO, where our data was collected.

Technical Details
Exposure Time:
about 75 hours
Finger Lakes PL 16803
RCOS Carbon Truss 16 inch f/11.3 Ritchey-Chretien
Planewave 200HR
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