The Rosette Nebula

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J. Thibert
NGC 2237
Mayhill, NM

This image of the Rosette Nebula using Ha and color from the 2006 season plus more Ha and color from the 2005 season.  For a full resolution version of the combined 285 minute Ha image, click here.

The Rosette Nebula, discovered by John Flamsteed in about 1690, is a vast cloud of dust and gas, extending over an area of more than one degree across, or about five times the area covered by the full moon.  Its parts have been assigned different NGC numbers: 2237, 2238, 2239, and 2246.  Within the nebula, open star cluster NGC2244 is situated, consisting of young stars which recently formed from the nebula's material, and the brightest of which make the nebula shine by exciting its atoms to emit raditation. 

The night of Jan 6, 2006 was had good seeing as can be seen by the Ha detail above.  Remember this is taken at prime frocus with a 4" f/5 telescope.

While gathering data for this image, we noticed an interesting "bubble or shock wave near the core of the nebula.  It is circled below for those who may wish to investigate its nature.


Technical Details
Exposure Time:
Ha(Ha(HaR)GB) (Ha 285, R 90, G 90, B135 minutes) with HaR combined at 37% Ha and Ha(HaR)GB combined at 27% Ha
Takahashi FSQ106N
Software Bisque Paramount ME
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